Sprinkler Repair

Are your sprinklers working correctly?

acme sprinkler repair company of cooper city can help!

Sprinkler repair is one of those home improvement projects that nobody wants to tackle. From troubleshooting complicated water issues to digging gaping trenches through your carefully manicured lawn, it can get difficult (and expensive) fast. That’s why you reach for the professionals when it comes to your sprinkler repair needs, and Acme Sprinklers is among the best.
In Broward County, our sprinklers are a huge part of maintaining our properties. In the summer, our sunny Florida days mean that temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees, meaning that your lawn bakes to a crisp without adequate water. Without a functioning sprinkler system, you’ll be looking at dry, dead grass before long – and nobody wants to be that house in the neighborhood.
At Acme Sprinklers of Broward, we’ve seen many dying, graying lawns – and we’ve saved all of them.
Our irrigation experts are fantastic at troubleshooting, identifying the trickiest of problems, and coming up with affordable, sustainable solutions to bring your lawn back to life.
Say goodbye to dead grass and hello to a vibrant green property!
if your sprinklers start acting up, let us know! We’d be happy to give you a quote, an idea of what’s going on, and a promise that our expertise will bring your lawn to new heights. Through our professionalism, our skills, and our dedication to excellence, you’ll be amazed at the results. 
Sprinklers are deceptively simple. After all, it’s just a few valves and some sprinkler heads. However, they can suffer from countless issues: individual heads not working, low water pressure, leaks, and even high water pressure – ever seen a mini-geyser on someone’s property? Acme Sprinkler Repair of Broward has worked to fix those kinds of problems and more. With just a little time and a whole lot of hard work, we’ll have your sprinkler repair finished and your property looking beautiful.